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Hello, we are Clearly Ugly and every body is beautiful!

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Sounds strange. I guess so. But Clearly Ugly is here to proof you wrong, to make every body type look amazing and to prevent stereotypes and body shaming.
We think, every body is beautiful, every skin color looks amazing, every kind of love is true love and everyone out there is pretty and ugly at the same time.

With Clearly Ugly, we want to break old thoughts and habits and develop a new kind of self love. An unconditional self love and the love for our precious planet. Therefore, we only use fabrics for our T-Shirts and Sweaters which are GOTS certified and manufactured in Europe. This means, all of our clothing is certified 100% organic cotton (not the socks, they needed some extra stretch material but are still GOTS certified with 85% organic cotton) and due to that, you can be sure it is the cleanest way possible to produce clothing and the most sustainable way. The best part: not only the planet benefits from this, but also all workers get paid fairly and there is no child work involved. Obviously, you are benefiting from great quality and a long-lasting clean product.

As we manufacture in Europe, ways are short and there is no aircrafts and big pollution included in the shipping process to our warehouse. On top of that, we are donating 1% of our annual income to environmental non-profit organisations to support a greener future for all of us. So every purchase made from our shop is also a donation to mother earth.

Sounds great? Awesome. We love hearing your thoughts about this via email or over our Instagram channel @clearlyugly.

Thank you so much for your support and much love from the Clearly Ugly team!
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